Need an Emergency Dental Clinic in Bridgeport, CT?

Have you ever chipped your tooth on the weekend or in the middle of the night? Maybe your child is outside playing and he or she falls on the concrete walkway, and breaks one of their teeth in pieces. Or maybe you have been having some trouble for a while, and suddenly find yourself with an abscess in your mouth. That is a pocket of infection. Regardless of which situation you have to deal with, the pain is intense; that’s always the case for anything concerning your teeth. That is why so many people dislike going to the dentist. It is pretty much always uncomfortable, even when it isn’t painful. But sometimes a dentist visit is necessary or even vital, especially if you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency.

If you require an emergency dental clinic in Bridgeport, CT, you may discover that your regular dentist doesn’t handle emergencies. Not all dentists do. Your emergency doesn’t even necessarily have to happen in the middle of the night. If your regular dentist is booked up, they may still not be able to work you in or equipped to deal with the emergency you are facing. And any dental emergency is not something that you can go to the emergency room for. An ER is not equipped to deal with any type of dental emergency. They are not able to pull your tooth because it has become abscessed. Just about the only thing that the emergency room staff can do is commiserate with you, perhaps give you some pain medications, and tell you that you will need to call your dentist in the morning or during their regular hours.

Fortunately, there are some dentists that do handle dental emergencies. So you will be able to find an emergency dental clinic in Bridgeport, CT when you need one. And typically they will see you even if you are not a regular patient. In some cases, you may discover that you like the emergency dentist better than your regular dentist. Then that emergency trip will end up with you switching your dentist completely. Some dentist offices have a Facebook Page where you can find information about whether they are available for dental emergencies. It may also tell you what types of dental emergencies they handle.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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