Need Your Parking Lot Sealed? Call Paving Contractors in Solon, OH Today

Having your parking lot sealed properly is going to save a lot of money in the long run, especially when you listen to what paving contractors in Solon, OH has to say about it. They’ll explain in detail, either in person when you call for an estimate or when a client reads the “frequently asked questions” listed on their website. There is a reason why they go the extra mile to complete a job of sealing asphalt. They use extra sand in their sealer mix to give it extra traction so that the coating will last longer which will save money.

You’ll also find out the reasoning behind why a seal coating should be applied in the first place. A sealer keeps the asphalt from oxidizing and washing away. A gorgeous dark parking lot with straight white lines is very impressive to customers since it makes a statement that your business is successful. The darker it is, the more sun it will absorb allowing snow to melt faster in the winter, meaning less salt is used to keep cars from sliding and customers from falling, and that’s going to save money. Most businesses get their parking lots seal coated every few years. If it gets cracked, crack filling can be used to fill them, but eventually new asphalt, called an overlay may be needed to replace the old.

When the pavement cracks and creates a pothole, it has to be patched to repair it. Water gets underneath the asphalt causing the pavement to rise and break apart. It can be cut out and repaired by paving contractors in Solon, OH who offer free estimates to new and existing customers. Every parking lot eventually wears out from truck traffic and from ordinary use. Regular maintenance is going to see that your parking lot remains looking new for the longest time possible. The company also has ways to deal with water coming up through the pavement and will explain how they can encase perforated tile in stone and re-route the water, saving the pavement.

When a customer gets an estimate of costs for having the parking lot sealed, striping can also be figured in with the estimate and applied along with ‘handicap’ and ‘visitor’ and other signs needed at the business after the sealing is completed. Contact Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc. to get a FREE estimate.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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