Network Management in New York City

Network management is the process of organizing and maintaining active and passive networks and network components. The process includes those services needed to maintain system components and integrity as well as network admin and performance monitoring. Network management in New York City allows networked computers, regardless of where they are located, to communicate with each other, share data, control networks, troubleshoot, as well as enhance performance.

Network management also involves fault management within the networked system, thus eliminating, or significantly reducing downtime. Fault management includes the detection, isolation, and repair of any computer or network malfunction. The Intrinsic Technology Group can monitor network faults using programs that transmit a notification to the network administrator in the event of system deterioration. This is beneficial in reducing the impact of a failure, should one occur. Performance monitoring is an integral part of network management. This component monitors the performance of critical network components. Performance monitoring is response time per system user. Server response time is a tool used by network administrators to determine date transfer speeds.

Cyber security is essential to ensure threats such as hacking, as well as virus prevention, are caught and eliminated before any harm is done to the network integrity. Any virus that does infect the system will be detrimental to network performance. An important component of network management is the recording of all transactions and data that passes any given point in the network. In the event of a failure, a system administrator can investigate and quickly identify the cause and implement a solution. Network management is a blanket term. It covers the entire process. It monitors the system, identifies any problems, and is a very useful tool for the administrator. It allows him or her to gather detailed information and reports on the overall performance of the system as well as usage reports.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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