New Tennis Shoes in El Cajon CA as the Start of an Exercise Program for Mood Improvement

People with chronic mild depression may not need to take antidepressant medication for mood improvement. Mental health experts recommend that these individuals try other strategies to improve mood. One effective way to do this is through exercise, which increases levels of brain chemicals that make people feel better emotionally. Before embarking on a new exercise program, the man or woman might want to shop for some new Tennis Shoes in El Cajon CA as a fun way of getting started.

A Vicious Cycle

Because even mild depression typically reduces motivation to be active, these individuals tend to gain weight and become less fit. Weight gain and associated health problems make the person feel even worse about his or her life. It becomes a vicious cycle.

The Long Haul

When using strategies like exercise, meditation and relaxation techniques, it can take a few weeks to begin feeling better emotionally. Sticking with the program is essential, although it may seem pointless for a while. The person should remember that even prescription antidepressants normally take two or three weeks to produce noticeable improvements in mood.

Starting Slow

Starting slow is OK. A daily 10-minute walk or bike ride, while wearing those new Tennis Shoes in El Cajon CA, is a great start. The person can gradually build to longer sessions as he or she becomes fitter and feels better physically and emotionally. Also, this gives some time to break the shoes in so they don’t cause blisters.

At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every day is ideal. It doesn’t have to be all in one session. A 10-minute brisk walk at lunchtime, another in the evening and 10 minutes spent lifting weights counts for the 30 minutes.

Finding a Partner

Finding a partner to exercise with can boost motivation. A friend or relative might want to go on regular walks or take bike rides together. Perhaps they might also want to come along to the retail centers like $10 Shoe Store and More and buy some new footwear. Casual games of tennis and badminton are enjoyable too. Making new friends at the gym can provide more incentive to show up at the same time every day. Follow us on Twitter.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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