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With today’s busy schedules, a one stop optometrist-eye wear store is a convenience that many can appreciate. When your vision isn’t perfect, glasses or contact lenses are a necessity, something you can’t do without. Having glasses that fit well, are comfortable and look good are all important. Getting your glasses at a specialized eye wear store ensures that you’ll get just the right glasses for you. Whether you need children’s glasses, rimless glasses or even prescription sports goggles or a dive mask, the eye wear store can do it all. They even have an Opticians Manhattan on site for eye exams if you need to make sure your prescription hasn’t changed. It couldn’t be easier.

Children’s glasses are a special consideration. Because they are growing so quickly, their faces grow out of their frames, rapidly. At the same time, it’s important to buy strong enough frames that they will withstand the rigors of childhood. Most recommend a scratch resistant coating on the lenses too, to keep them protected during daily activities. The optician at the eye wear store will be able to recommend the best course of action for your child. Their goal is to get you the best glasses at the best price and you can be assured that they will do just that.

The eye wear store offers many different styles of designer glasses. Because they specialize in eye glasses, they can offer more frames to their customer than the average optometrist’s office can. The eye wear store will work to find just the right frames for you, you facial structure and your fashion desires. They offer Anti-Reflective lenses, Polarized lenses, Scratch resistant lenses, Progressive lenses and even prescription Designer sunglasses. You are sure to find just what you are looking for.

If contacts are what you want, the Optometrist can examine your eyes and fit you with contact lenses. The eye wear store even offers contact lens training to those who purchase lenses. Because contacts can be difficult at the beginning, this training can be the difference between success or not with contact lens wearing.

At the eye wear store, the Opticians Manhattan and the eye wear specialists will work together to satisfy your optical needs, whether it be glasses, contact lenses, sports goggles or even sunglasses. They won’t stop until you are pleased with your purchase. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal.

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