Paying for Welding Services – Should You Choose TIG, MIG or Arc Welding?

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Business

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Did you know that welding is one of the most efficient and economical ways of joining metals? The process involves using heat to manipulate two pieces of metal into a single piece. One of the highest ranking industrial processes in the world, it can be done anywhere, even underwater! An issue most people face when contacting experienced fabricators is choosing between the three main types of welding.

TIG Welding
The highest quality welds can be achieved with TIG welding, which demands a lot of practice. These welding services do take longer than others, therefore it is not the most productive option. However TIG welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, is accurate thanks to the use of a torch’s tungsten electrode. Protection for the weld and tungsten comes in the form of a shielding gas like Argon. The welder will normally use a foot pedal to operate and control the torch. This is beneficial for the welder, because he or she can use both hands to weld aluminium and ferrous metals.

MIG Welding
These welding services are also known as Metal, Inert Gas, or Gas, Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). A Constant voltage (CV) DC power source is used for MIG welding, which relies on the use of a wire-fed gun. Depending on the type of job being completed, the welder will choose between gasless (flux core) and Gas (MIG). Although the wire tends to be more expensive for Gasless MIG, it offers a better level of penetration than Gas MIG, which is less expensive and less portable! Gas requires the use of a wire feeder and although it is not as portable as other services, it is the simplest process to learn.

Arc Welding
Good for farm repairs but bad for work on thin metals, Arc or Stick welding services are extremely versatile. There is no need for lots of equipment like gas and wire feeders, making it a portable option. The only downside is that flux will need to be cleaned off the weld once the job has been completed. A lot of practice and training must take place to master the art of Arc welding, so take your time to find a professional who knows how to use the many types of rods available, such as general purpose, low-hydrogen, deep penetration and low penetration.

Whether you require TIG, MIG or Arc welding, SAMS Fabrications can assist. To discuss your requirements and to get a quote for these services, call 07786214039.

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