Physicals Required for Companies Manufacturing Aluminum in Louisville

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Business

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Today, both the company and the work force must be protected. The company must look out for itself by making sure all employees are safe every day they come to work. It just takes one person to use drugs and become dangerous to other employees. This is why companies choose to have medical service companies screen new hires and then do surprise random drug testing. Even though, to some people, this may seem unfair, it’s not. Anyone who watches the news or reads the news on the Internet can see that disgruntled employees enter the factory, mail room, doctor’s office or clinic where they work and discharge a weapon at anyone standing in their way.

It’s to an employer and employee’s advantage that everyone is treated alike, pass a physical exam, background check and drug testing before being hired. All too often complete and thorough back ground screenings are not performed on everyone from doctors to teachers, to those coaching high school or college level sports. If you’re the owner of a company, get on board with a health care facility that performs physicals for every kind of job available today. Whether your company needs testing for coal mining positions or for a person you’re planning on hiring as a new executive with a company that specializes in Aluminum in Louisville, call the number on the screen for assistance.

If you have a business in Charleston, WV you can contact the company to have medical services performed for a company you own that manufactures Aluminum in Louisville. Medical service companies have provided their clients with flexible solutions and audit proof records for many years. They’ll ensure that your business is transparent with nothing to hide and that every employee receives the same testing in order to be hired. These medical professionals can give you information on drugs such as opium, marijuana and cocaine, among others. They know how long each drug stays in the system of the user.

The reason a workplace must keep up on these issues is for the safety of all employees, including the company that produces Aluminum in Louisville to the factory in Charleston. Since the bottom line of a company is production and profits, someone who is dangerous to them and other workers must be weeded out by those who perform drug testing and lab work.

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