Pools an In Ground Swimming Pool Contractor In Carmel IN Can Offer

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Swimming Pool Contractor

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Summer isn’t complete until you’ve taken a dip in a swimming pool. However, packing up the family and heading out to the local public pool can be a headache. You can still enjoy your summer swims without the inconvenience by installing your own pool. A good In Ground Swimming Pool contractor in Carmel IN can install your dream pool without breaking the bank.

The first type of pool most contractors install is the concrete lined pool. These types of pools are easily customized because the concrete is poured directly onto a frame that’s built on site. It can then be surfaced to meet the needs and the style requirements of the family. Common surfaces include tile, paint, and marble. The first two come in a wide range of colors and pattern, allowing for even more customization. Concrete pools also work great for odd shaped areas because of their ability to conform to virtually any space.

Vinyl lined is another type of in ground pool that’s easy to install and easy to customize. These work in a similar manner as the concrete pools, except the liner is one sheet of vinyl that is placed inside the pool area and tacked into place with the help of tracks and other specialized hardware. These don’t allow as much customization in the appearance of the pool, but make great looking home additions nonetheless. Vinyl liner pools also can become damaged easier if the liner is torn. However, replacing the vinyl lining isn’t as difficult as fixing concrete pools.

Whether you decide on vinyl or concrete, you also need to decide on the type of water for the pool: standard chlorinated water or salt water. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantage. With chlorine, the water is kept clean and sanitary with the help of chemicals. These chemicals need to be monitored and added regularly, which can add up. Mud Slingers Pool And Patio will actually teach you how to make your own chlorine to help reduce the costs. Salt water, on the other hand, does not use chemicals, the salt content helps it from growing algae, however it lacks that nostalgic scent of summer.

For more information on the types of pools that an In Ground Swimming Pool contractor in Carmel IN offers, or to request a quote on your project, give the dedicated professionals at Mud Slingers a call, or Click here to get more information.

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