Providers of Vaccinations in Chapmanville WV

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Health

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Employers typically have a designated medical facility that employees must use for work-related injuries. Employees who must submit to drug and alcohol testing also use the same facility if they are involved in an accident at work or the employer suspects substance abuse. These medical facilities serve as occupational health service providers and offer a full range of medical services for workers, including Vaccinations in Chapmanville WV. Employees who need routine shots for the flu, tetanus and other boosters can get them from the employer’s designated medical provider, often at a free or reduced cost.

One of the other services that occupational health service providers perform is Breath Alcohol Testing. Those who drive Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated vehicles must pass a physical every two to three years. Besides passing a physical, these employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing immediately following a work-related accident. The law requires pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and a DOT physical prior to the employee’s first day on the job. During employment, workers who need Vaccinations in Chapmanville WV to stay healthy and prevent disease can get their shots during routine physicals.

Physical Exams, Inc. is an occupational health service provider that gives Vaccinations in Chapmanville WV. These types of facilities serve more than one employer, but concentrate on serving the physical needs of employees in the workplace. Occupational health service providers treat injuries related to workmen’s compensation claims and administer follow-up care. They also perform eye exams and physicals for sports teams. In the majority of cases, the employer covers the medical costs for the employees or potential employees when they obtain services from occupational health service providers. The employee’s insurance policy can cover the full cost of vaccinations or the insurance can cover a portion of the cost.

Employers use occupational health service providers to streamline costs and ensure that employees are getting certain medical services from trained professionals. DOT physicals, general physicals and substance abuse screenings are the most popular services employers use. DOT physicals differ from general physicals since drivers must meet more stringent requirements. Certain physical ailments can put the general public in danger and the law prevents people with these ailments from driving a DOT vehicle. Employers that operate a DOT regulated fleet must ensure that employees are in compliance with these laws or face a forced shutdown.

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