Regular Tasks That Your New Shop Software Can Easily Handle for You

The daily running of your repair shop can be overwhelming. You have dozens of tasks to take care of each day. Some days you wonder how you will get it all done without losing money or your sanity.

Rather than handle everything on your own, you can simplify the running and management of your repair shop by installing and using shop management software. This program can take care of numerous critical tasks that would otherwise divert your time and capabilities.

Processing of Credit and Debit Card Transactions

Innovative shop management software can take care of processing all your credit and debit card payments that you receive daily. Without this software, you would have to process those transactions on your own or hire someone to do it for you. It could take you hours to itemize each transaction and submit it to the right bank or credit union.

The software can compile a list of those transactions every day, however, and then automatically send them off for reimbursement. It can also keep track of what transactions were paid and what ones are still outstanding. You know at the end of the business week who still owes you money and what banks or credit unions have paid you in full.

Scheduling Employees

Another task that can test your patience involves scheduling your employees for their shifts. You must balance their availability with the hours that you need to be covered.

Instead of figuring out their schedules by hand, you can have the software do it for you. It can generate schedules based on the hours that need to be covered as well as the hours that your employees can work.

You can find out more about this shop management software online. Contact eGenuity in Monroe, IL, at to learn more or to ask for a free demonstration.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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