Requirements For Vehicle Insurance In Lake Charles, LA

All drivers in Louisiana will receive penalties if they are caught driving without proper auto insurance. The state identifies liability auto insurance as their mandatory coverage level. All drivers need coverage for all vehicles that are registered in their name. Insurance companies offering Vehicle Insurance in Lake Charles LA can help these consumers.

What is the Current Coverage Requirement?

Currently, the least amount of coverage required is $15,000 for each person injured with a total payout of $30,000. The property damage level must equate to $25,000. The policy must possess these coverage levels to comply with the Louisiana auto insurance laws.

What Other Coverage Levels are Available?

Drivers aren’t restricted to liability insurance only. They may acquire any level above liability if they prefer. Comprehensive is the highest coverage level achievable. Among the benefits of this coverage is that it pays for both the vehicle owner and the other party after an accident occurs. It also offers rental car services for drivers until their vehicle is repaired or replaced.

Collision insurance offers an extension of coverage to include the vehicle owner and their automobile. This coverage applies to collisions only. This includes auto accidents as well as the impact of any object that causes direct property damage. This includes falling limbs that could damage the automobile severely.

What are the Penalties for No Insurance?

Initially, the driver receives a $100 fine for driving without insurance. However, the fines are increased up to $700 based on the total number of previous convictions. The driver could face additional charges for any insurance lapses. This could increase the total fees for registering new vehicles or renewing their automobile tag. The DMV reserves the right to add late charges and penalties if these charges aren’t addressed quickly.

Louisiana drivers must comply with all insurance laws. Any failure to comply could lead up to severe punishments that could also include suspended licenses and impounded vehicles. The driver could also face administrative penalties enforced by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers who need to purchase Vehicle Insurance in Lake Charles LA should contact Curtis Insurance for further information about coverage.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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