Restore Your Smile and The Function of Your Teeth With Dental Implants in Leesburg

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Dentist

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Sometimes it seems the world is obsessed with the perfect smile, but there is more at stake when your teeth deteriorate than losing that winning smile. For one thing, your health could be easily affected by the excess bacteria that can occur from infections. Likewise, fevers can set into the infected area causing all sorts of issues. However, one of the worst problems is the loss of jawbone that occurs when a tooth is missing. This loss can weaken the jaw and further stress in these areas could cause fractures. Thankfully, modern dentistry has developed solutions for this problem.

Living in Leesburg you can find specialist trained in the installation of dental implants. Dental Implants in Leesburg can replace missing teeth by placing a titanium or other inert metal root or stud in the jawbone. This stud is used to hold a crown designed to properly fill the space and take place of the missing tooth. For many people the replacement tooth works better than the original.

These implants work well for single replacements or a couple of teeth, but what do you do if you are missing many teeth or need several teeth replaced? Dental Implants in Leesburg have come a long way since their early inception. For example, a procedure sometimes known as an ‘All on Four’ treatment has been created for patients with dentures or a partial bridgework. This treatment uses 4 basic studs properly placed to lock the full-arch prosthesis in place. This lock prevents the dentures from slipping without the use of adhesives, but it also allows the patient to remove the prosthetic device for cleaning whenever it is required. This treatment offers the dentist and patient several benefits such as stability even with minimal bone mass, excellent clinical results, very flexible prosthetic devices and an increased efficiency over dentures and partial bridges.

Another procedure which is becoming more useful is sometimes termed ‘Teeth by Tonight’. This implant procedure is normally performed on patients with high bone density. It is very similar to the standard implant procedure, but uses a less invasive process. Because the patient has better bone mass the implant has a better chance of proper insertion without the need for any prior bone grafting procedures. To discover more about these procedures you can consult an expert in Leesburg such as the Cascades Center for Dental Health.

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