Safe and Environmentally Friendly Oil Tank Removal in Westchester NY

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

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Oil and gas are essential fuels that run our every day life, as well as businesses. Oil is typically stored in tanks outside a facility for burning, providing energy for many manufacturing plants and similar operations. The handling and Oil Tank Removal in Westchester NY should be safe and environmentally friendly. There are certain steps that can be taken as far as maintenance and repair are concerned, and you should use a trusted company to do this because of the potential hazards involved.

When you have an oil tank, there is a certain degree of responsibility that comes with it, including maintenance and testing. Checking the soil in the area is important to determine if there are any contaminants. Companies will come and safely test the soil, then perform soil remediation on site as needed. You also need functionality testing for tanks by someone with an underground installer’s license. These standards are set by the FDNY. Affidavits can be provided if required for an inspection or for a lender. The Department of Environmental Conservation sets rigorous standards that need to be met in order to continue operation. Your gas and oil tanks may be subject to ultrasonic tank inspection, removal of water and algae, and environmental consultations. This can be done either off or on site. Oil tank and environmental services also deal with project management when building and expanding. They handle Department of Environmental Conservation testing and spill closures to ensure everything is safe.

Complete oil tank and environmental services provide fuel oils, motor fuels, and other petroleum products for your energy needs. If you are using fuel like these, you have to make sure you are paying attention to maintenance like geoprobe and soil samples, laboratory analysis, monitoring and inspection wells, installation of new oil tanks, repair of oil tanks and piping, and removal of existing tanks. If you need Oil Tank Removal in Westchester NY, you want to make sure it is done right. Fuel and oil are not something you should take lightly; you need to ensure safety and adhere to the standards set by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Visit website for more information on safe and efficient oil tank removal and maintenance.

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