Safe and Humane Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh From Professional Services

Thousands of species of bees roam the world, but people in Pennsylvania are mainly familiar with carpenter, bumble and honey bees. Honey bees are the only ones of these three species to build and live in hives. When a property owner realizes there is a hive on the land, this person can call for professional Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh.

Common Bees

Carpenter bees live in wood, which makes them unwanted pests around a home. They don’t cause the level of damage that termites do, but they are still destructive. These bees are solitary. Bumble bees, in contrast, are social and live in colonies. Their nests are usually underground, with the bees favouring abandoned rodent burrows to live in.

Honey Bee Hives

Honey bee hives may be constructed in a hollow part of a tree or fence, but the insects also may start creating a hive inside a rotted part of a building’s fascia or between walls of a building. These bees are relatively docile and don’t sting unless they are provoked or feel threatened. Nevertheless, calling for professional Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh is important when a colony is discovered on a residential property.

Damage to Buildings

The beeswax and honey can damage the building and attract other pests, including wildlife like raccoons. After removal of a hive from a building, the area should be thoroughly cleaned up.

Bee Stings

Also, if the bees ever do interpret some human activity as a threat, they may attack. Multiple stings can cause a person to feel ill enough to go to an emergency room, even if this individual is not allergic to bee venom.

Professional Help

Property owners should not attempt to manage this situation without assistance from a company such as The-Beeman. First, if the bees attack, this can be dangerous. Second, honey bees should be saved whenever possible since they are crucial for pollinating a variety of plants. The population of this species has declined over the years, and scientists are alarmed about the possible consequences if it ever disappears altogether. To contact this pest control service, browse the website for information.

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