Scaling Through Your Local Dental Office Baltimore

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Dental Care

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Good oral hygiene consists of regular brushing. However, regular scaling visits by your local Dental Office Baltimore is necessary, as well. Scale that forms on your teeth is the basis of many periodontal diseases. This procedure is performed at the dentist and is a great way to get rid of harmful bacteria.

The dangers of dental calculus

Many substances are deposited on the teeth every day. These substances are called dental plates, and they consist of thousands of bacteria. If they are not eliminated by effective and regular brushing, they will solidify on contact with the help of saliva and inorganic ions, eventually becoming tartar. The latter forms on both teeth and below the gums. Because it contains bacteria, scale is at the base of as many cavities and periodontal issues like swelling, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.

The various techniques of scaling

Unlike plaque, which can be removed by brushing, tartar requires the intervention of a dentist. He or she will use machines and different techniques to rid the teeth of this issue. Scaling can be done on two levels:

  • Supragingival scaling
  • -; removes visible tartar on the teeth.
  • Subgingival scaling
  • -; removes tartar below the gum-line.

There are various technologies that the Office of Nicholas Molinaro and Janet Johns use when performing scaling. These consist of:

  • Ultrasonic technology
  • . Being the most widely used technique, the ultrasound technique involves a tiny metal tube that vibrates at a high frequency. This is placed on the teeth to loosen tartar, and is virtually painless.
  • Sanding
  • . Very small particles of calcium carbonate are placed in water at a high velocity, then sprayed on the teeth using a nozzle.
  • The clearing technique
  • . Various mechanical instruments, called periodontal curettes, are used to scrape the surface of the teeth. This technique operates as a complement to the ultrasound method. Scaling can be done at a frequency that depends on each individual. Nevertheless, it should be performed at least once a year.

The benefits of scaling for general health

Related diseases can spread throughout the body, and can even affect the kidneys or heart. To guard against such eventualities, descaling is necessary. It will stop the spread of bacteria and contain it in the mouth. Scaling allows for the removal of the scale, which is formed on the surface of teeth.

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