Seeing Dentists in South Loop To Aid with Sensitivity Issues

When teeth suffer from enamel erosion, sensitivity issues are sure to become a problem. The enamel on teeth protects nerve endings in the layer underneath it. When this protective layer wears away, mild discomfort, slight pain, and a jolting sensation are likely to be felt in the mouth when teeth are subjected to extreme temperatures or sugary substances. Here are some steps someone with tooth sensitivity can use to minimize the symptoms felt.

Avoid Triggers To Keep Sensitivity from Occurring

It is best to avoid using substances that amplify sensitivity in the teeth. When someone needs to go outdoors in extremely cold temperatures, they can place a scarf over their mouth to help keep sensitivity at bay. A straw can be used when drinking beverages to help keep temperature shifts from causing discomfort as well.

See a Dentist for Professional Options To Eliminate Problems

Dentists in South Loop will be able to help with alleviating symptoms of sensitivity in the mouth. A simple evaluation can be done on the teeth to determine how much enamel has been lost and the extent of the nerve ending the exposure. In more severe cases, a dentist will recommend having a crown or filling placed over areas with minimal enamel coverage.

This will protect the teeth from further damage and the covering will keep sensitivity from occurring altogether. In slight cases, a dentist will recommend using prescription toothpaste or mouthwash to lessen symptoms felt from the problem.

Minimize Further Troubles with Proper Procedures

It is a good idea to change the way the teeth are brushed on a daily basis if sensitivity is an issue. When someone brushes in the same manner day after day, the enamel will wear rather quickly. Change from a side to side motion one day to a circular motion the next. This will keep the enamel from prematurely wearing away from the teeth, keeping sensitivity from occurring.

When there is a desire to see Dentists in South Loop to help with sensitivity issues, finding one with plenty of experience and known customer satisfaction is desirable. Take a look at website of South & West Loop Dental to find out more about their practice in South Loop ready to help with tooth sensitivity today.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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