Selecting the Right Lighting for Your Garden

A garden, although typically enjoyed the most during the daytime, can be a pleasure at night as well. The colors, even if slightly muted by the dark, can be emphasized beautifully if the right lighting solution is chosen. Getting just the right garden post light installed can make it so your garden adds to the radiance of your property no matter what time of day or night.

The Brightness of the Light

It may be tempting to get a light that is a bright as possible. However, this may not be advisable, particularly if the light can be easily seen from the house. A very bright light can significantly interrupt the sleep of those who are within eyesight. Further, it could reflect off a light surface such as an exterior or interior wall or garage, sending unwanted light into an otherwise slumber-worthy room.

It is best to choose a garden post light that is bright enough to illuminate a particular area of your garden while not adding unwanted light pollution to your home or those of neighbors.

The Number of Lights to Get

The number of garden post lights you install will largely depend on what you want to illuminate in the garden. For instance, if you want the focus of the eyes of you and your visitors on a particular arrangement of flowers, you will want to have a garden post light positioned to make those stand out. However, if there is another set of flowers or plants you’d like to emphasize, you shouldn’t assume that one bright light will make those stand out as well. It would be better to have two lights that aren’t as bright—each one focused on its respective area. This is the more tasteful choice and will make your garden stand out in just the way you want.

The Height of the Posts

Because your objective is to highlight the garden and not just provide lighting, you will want your garden post lights to be slightly higher than the areas they illuminate. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Using different heights adds a sense of intentionality to your lighting strategy that will be appreciated by your guests.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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