Services Available Through An Animal Hospital In Olathe, KS

In Kansas, pet owners turn to animal hospitals to provide comprehensive health care for their furbabies. The services include proper vaccinations for common species-related conditions, examinations, and dental options. The vet also performs surgical procedures to improve the quality of the pet’s life. A local Animal Hospital in Olathe KS provides the full spectrum of health services for pets.

Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

All dogs and cats receive annual vaccinations through local animal hospitals. The vaccines protect the pets against the rabies virus. Additional vaccines protect the pets and lower their risk of developing different forms of cancer including leukemia. Cats receive vaccines to lower their risk of the feline herpes virus, and dogs need protection against parvo.

Pet Health Services

Pet health services include annual assessments for common illnesses, joint-related issues, and age-related ailments. The vet provides comprehensive health care for the pets and lowers common risks. Surgical procedures and in-office treatments are available through the animal hospital. Boarding services are available for animals who require extended health care and inpatient care.

Dietary and Nutrition Options

Dietary and nutrition concerns are also addressed by a veterinarian. An assessment and blood tests could determine that the pet needs major changes in their diet. The vet recommends new food selections when allergies are discovered or if the pet’s weight isn’t managed. Select foods also lower the frequency at which cats develop hairballs. Pets that develop conditions such as diabetes require special diets as well.

Dental Services for Pets

The animal hospital offers full dental services for the pets including cleanings, repairs, and extractions. The pet’s teeth are examined to determine if there are any existing issues. Pets that show obvious signs of pain or discomfort in or around their mouths need an immediate checkup. Vets also perform dental surgery when necessary.

In Kansas, pet owners discuss health services with a local vet. The health care professionals offer complete exams for pets of all species, as well as, provide necessary vaccinations. The veterinarians also perform dental services to keep the pet’s teeth and gums healthier. Pet owners who want to learn more about services available at an Animal Hospital in Olathe KS are encouraged to contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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