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by | Jan 31, 2013 | Dentist

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Human teeth play a big role in facial appearance. When someone smiles or speaks laughs or even cries the teeth are exposed making them vital for facial identity. The teeth may suffer different complications that could interfere with their appearance. It is at such times that a cosmetic dentist, Green Lake WI needs to be consulted. All dentists treat and help patients deal with complications in teeth and gum area but what a cosmetic dentist does is much more than just offering treatment. A cosmetic dentists offer treatment solutions that not only treat the ailments in the tooth but also ensures that the teeth appear as natural as possible.

Such a dentist makes use of modern technology so as to be able to achieve restoration of the perfect dental structure within the shortest time possible; some being as short as a single day. There are several ailments that may interfere with the appearance of the teeth; a normal dentist will offer treatment solution to deal with the problem such as extraction. A cosmetic dentist on the other hand ensures that the treatment solution implemented leaves your tooth whole and looking much better than before. Some of the services cosmetic dentists offers are:

Application of coloured tooth fillings to teeth that have been eaten away by cavities: Normal silver fillings will leave black ugly marks in the tooth. What a cosmetic dentist uses is white fillings, once applied to the affected tooth; the tooth is left looking white and all natural to the extent that no one can notice any signs that a filling has been performed.

For teeth that have been affected by decay, their white colour is usually lost. For such teeth, a dentist may apply white porcelain crown to cover the decayed parts and also cover any ugly marks on the crown making the tooth appear white as it should be. The crown perfectly fits over the original tooth.

For clients who would like to have a more classic look, they can go for gold crown which are much more durable and healthier when it comes to the gum tissues. The cosmetic dentist, Green Lake WI will fit gold crown perfectly over the original tooth giving it a longer lasting solution.

In those unfortunate scenarios where one or more teeth have been completely destroyed or even if a big portion of it has chipped off, dentures are the next available solutions, these look like natural teeth and fit perfectly in the gums offering long lasting solutions that will see a patient go for years without any problems.

These are just a few of the solutions that new technology has made available for the treatment dental complications to help restore confidence and leave teeth looking natural.

Many people have found affordable long lasting solutions through modern dental treatment. Visit Silver Creek Dentistry to learn more about cosmetic dentist services.

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