Social Security Law Firm Uses Evidence and Attempted Treatment to Boost a Claim Payout

The government has a tendency to cut back on Social Security in every way they can. According to a Bankrate article, the funds will be gone by 2034 at the latest, and many are reporting an incumbent status by 2025. That does not give a lot of room for many people in their forties and fifties right now, and the government is already prepping for the worst by rolling back SSI.

How can people take advantage of the constantly diminishing pool of available funds? First, they need to work with a Social Security Law Firm in Tacoma Wa. Kenneth N. Gormly, Attorney at Law is a law firm in the community that predominantly focuses on getting people more funds than they would have had otherwise. Social Security offices could have a tendency to relax when working cases without representation. However, a Social Security Law Firm knows what buttons to press and who to contact so a claim can be prioritized for the client.

Evidence on an Injury

An injury will usually result in a higher SSI payment, but it cannot be pulled from out of the air. A client will have to provide detailed reports on the progress of the injury. This will include a note from a doctor establishing what a patient can do and what they cannot physically do. This data will be matched with their work records. An injured party is entitled to a higher SSI payment if their injury forced them out of their current position. However, that will need to substantiate with a professional.

Details of Treatment

A man or woman who faced an injury cannot typically just call it a day and collect payments. That also applies to the treatment options. An SS representative will want to know that the individual has pursued various forms of treatment. They will also need reports that the treatment was either A) ineffective or B) outside an individual’s budget. Both of these factors will help boost a potential SSI payment, often times an amount double the cost of a particular treatment.

These aspects will accentuate a potential Social Security payment. A client should be able to clearly identify (and back up with evidence) their various claims that will be used in an SS report. For more information visit the website of Kenneth N. Gormly, Attorney at Law

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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