Some Do-it-Yourself Tips for Drain Cleaning

It goes without saying that drain cleaning near Conyers is a pretty disgusting task, especially if you don’t have the strongest of stomachs and feel like hurling at the mere sight of a gunky mass of hair and sticky buildup.

But, as a homeowner or business owner, you don’t have an option. Habitual drain cleaning on a month-to-month interval can be the difference between having a smooth running, problem free pipe network, and a widespread catastrophe that plugs up your entire property.

DIY Steps You Can Take to Preserve Your Drainage System

You don’t have to be a plumbing connoisseur to temper the most pervasive drainage snags, but you do have to practice some risk avoidance techniques:

If you pick up on some nauseating smells coming from the kitchen sink, baking soda can be your saving grace. Two tablespoons of baking soda and three cups of hot water can do wonders for your drain cleaning efforts – just let the mixture sit in the drain for five minutes before running hot water.

Even if you have a built-in the garbage disposal, you should go the extra mile to dump food waste into the garbage can. Even the best-rated sink units can’t eliminate all of the decomposing culinary refuse.

If there’s an obstruction in one of your drains, remove the stopper and grab a wire coat hanger. Unravel the wire, create a small hook on one end, and then carefully place it into the pipes to see if you can reach the clog. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to scoop out the blockage.

If these methods fall short and you continue to face difficulties, you should get ahold of a professional that can carry out superior drain cleaning near Conyers.

Getting a Grip on Your Plumbing Woes

If you contact Liberty Plumbing and invite one of their certified drainage experts into your property, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of your unique issue and correct the quandary with the blink of an eye.

Cost-effective resolutions are available at all hours of the day, so don’t hesitate to reach out as soon as a plumbing predicament rears its ugly head.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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