Sports Physical Therapy in Venice

Sports physical therapy focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehab, as well as performance enhancement of a physically active individual. The practice of sports rehabilitation therapy helps those who are athletically active prevent injury to themselves or to continue their regimen with minimal disruption. The areas involved include pre-participation screening, the recommendation of specific equipment, and the development of fitness programs designed to help the athlete safely return to his or her previous level of activity. Those professionals directly involved in rehabilitation physical therapy are skilled in the evaluation of active and chronic injury.

Treatment of injury and subsequent rehab are the core of sports physical therapy practice. The team of professionals associated with Total Therapy Florida devises and implements programs designed to manage disorders in patients of all ages and abilities. Programs are designed to accommodate the needs of those with physical disabilities as well as elite athletes. The overall objective is to assist active people who wish to improve their athletic performance. The foundation of performance improvement is developed through an understanding and evaluation of the neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems. The results of the assessment are used to outline the individual’s unique athletic ability as well as highlight any deficiencies found in areas of flexibility, strength, and endurance.

As more and more people begin to pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle, sports injuries are bound to occur. Recent studies have shown that upwards of 9 million Americans suffered some degree of sports-related injury in one year alone. Many of these injuries are minor, while others required the intervention of experts in sports rehabilitation. Often, physical therapy is needed to ensure a full recovery. To recover, it is often necessary to rest or even immobilize the injured body area. With this being the case, muscles, and joints are not exercised. Once an exercise routine is started after a layoff, sports physical therapy teaches you how to regain full mobility and avoid future injury.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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