Steel Recyclers in Baltimore Help Manufacturers Avoid the Expenses of Iron Ore

Steel Recyclers in Baltimore buy scrap metal from individual customers and businesses. Most of these companies not only buy stainless and carbon steel but many other metals as well. Sometimes they may advertise their need for steel because so many customers only bring in aluminum and copper, since they receive more cash for those materials.

An Environmentally Friendly Action

Nevertheless, steel is worth cash too. Also, recycling it is an environmentally friendly action. Doing so decreases the need for iron ore mining and the costs of converting iron to steel. It also minimizes the amount of useful material sent to landfills. For individuals who are dedicated to improving the environment, recycling steel is an ethical action that can have major positive consequences.

Where Scrap Steel Lurks

It may be surprising to realize just how much scrap steel is lurking around a residential property. Old, broken appliances and power tools are likely to be made of steel or contain the material. A big metal coffee percolator that quit working years ago may still be sitting in a kitchen cabinet, for example. There may be old metal pipes, car parts or pieces of metal furniture lying around in a garage or basement.

Home improvement materials that have seen better days may have been removed and stashed away somewhere, with nobody ever getting around to disposing of them. Steel drainage gutters and metal flashing that used to be around roof vents and chimneys, for instance, is something that can be brought to a scrap metal recycling facility.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Stainless steel often is in better shape than carbon steel or iron because it’s resistant to rust and corrosion. Still, people are encouraged to bring any of these items to steel recyclers in Baltimore, which will pay for them by weight. Separating out any aluminum or copper is crucial because those are worth more for the specific metal than a pile of combined scrap metal is. Non-ferrous metal, or that which magnets do not stick to, is typically more valuable than ferrous metals like steel and iron. Visit Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc online and learn more.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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