Take Your Love of Art to a New Level by Getting Your Ceramics MFA

Students who have a love and talent for ceramics have some wonderful opportunities to fine-tune their craft by enrolling in a prestigious art school that offers classes for obtaining a ceramics MFA. Invest the time to discover all there is to know and experience with this art medium that can come in different forms.

Deep Dive Into an Intriguing Fiber & Material Study

This course study is unique, because the overall focus will be on experimental contemporary ceramics. These courses allow the artist to move rather fluidly through the various different mediums using different materials and methods. This is one of but a scant few of advanced studies graduate programs in ceramics study today.

Free Bulk Material for Student Use Throughout the Course

All bulk material used during class is free to the student. This gives each student a chance to experience a greater breadth of ceramic artistry and design process using classroom taught clay modeling, sculpture techniques and studio pottery skills as a springboard to launch each student’s personal design style.

Study with Experienced & Talented Ceramics Artists

Students in the Ceramics MFA program get opportunities to work with many well-known alumni and other talented ceramics artists willing to share their own unique interpretation of this art style. Hands-on learning allows the student to hone in on their preferred ceramic making techniques and design styles.

Discover Your Art Passion in Downtown Chicago

Chicago is home for many artists. Contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago


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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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