The Basics Of Laser Hair Removal In Cardiff Spas

Unwanted hair is a problem for both men and women. In the past, the only options to remove unwanted hair were waxing or shaving, both which are only very temporary. Additionally, many people have sensitive skin that is irritated by both waxing and shaving, resulting in annoying bumps and rashes.

Now, there is also the option of laser hair removal. This is offered in spas and in beauty salons across the country. In Cardiff, there are several different venues offering the procedure. It is well worth the time to do our research and get a top salon as this is not a process without possible side-effects if done incorrectly.

How it Works

The process of laser hair removal is not new and it is a very well-researched process. It uses specialized lasers to direct a very fine beam of concentrated light at the hair. The hair absorbs the hair through the pigment (the cells that give the hair color). Once absorbed, the energy in the laser minimizes the hair growth by damaging the darker cells, the melanin, which are also responsible for hair growth.

The laser pulse that is emitted from the equipment is carefully calibrated to stop the growth of only specific types of cells, those in the dark hair. The skin is not impacted, nor are the finer or light hairs on the area treated unless the laser is configured for light hair.

Best Candidate

With this is mind, laser removal for hair is not always the best choice for all skin types and all hair types. The best rates of removal using lasers will be with thicker dark brown to black hairs on people with lighter colored skin.

Lighter hairs, particularly those on the face known as “peach fuzz” are not as effectively removed and may require more sessions with a special type of laser for this process. This new type of laser works well on all hair colors and skin tones, which is an important consideration for many people wanting to try laser hair removal.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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