The Benefits of Hiring a Chicago Lawyer for Your Trademark Filing

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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The reasons you need to secure a trademark that identifies your goods or services may vary. However, the choice to hire a Chicago trademark lawyer to help with the registration process is simple. The right law firm will ensure your rights are protected.

Still, it is a good idea to evaluate the benefits of hiring legal representation. Understanding what an experienced lawyer can do can help you feel confident with your decision.

Potential Risks to Filing Without a Lawyer

While you have the option to file the paperwork yourself, you may select a proposed trademark incorrectly. For instance, you might choose one that conflicts with an existing trademark. Another risk is securing one that does not address your unique business needs.

Legal Help You Can Expect

Routinely, a Chicago trademark lawyer can help you in ways that include:

  • Thorough searches of existing trademarks
  • Assessing the strength of your proposed trademark before filing
  • Offer legal advice on selecting a unique trademark
  • Meet complex registration application requirements

Monitor Your Trademark

It is important to monitor your trademark once it is registered. This becomes a time-consuming activity when you would rather focus on building your brand. However, not monitoring your brand for infringement can hurt your business. Most law firms also monitor your trademark for unauthorized use.

Secure Your Trademark with Legal Assistance

Although DIY registration may seem less expensive, Jayaram Law, Inc. has a Chicago trademark lawyer who can help to ensure you accurately meet filing requirements. Contact Jayaram Law, Inc. today for a free consultation to learn how to preserve your mark.

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