The Benefits of Using Semi Truck Towing in Atlanta, GA, for Your Fleet

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for keeping the trucks in your fleet on the road for as long as possible. You must know how and when to respond to emergencies like one of your trucks sliding off the road or getting involved in a wreck out on the highway.

It may not be prudent or fiscally responsible to keep a wrecker in your fleet to respond to occasional emergencies like these, however. Instead, you can take advantage of partnering with a service that offers assistance like semi truck towing in Atlanta GA.

Weight Bearing Capabilities

The semis in your fleet may weigh tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on what accessories they have on them and how much that they are hauling. They can weigh so much that a regular wrecker may not be able to bear their weight.

Instead of forcing your drivers to unload their freight and remove heavy accessories like front grills or spare tires, you can hire a company that has wreckers with higher weight-bearing capabilities. These wreckers can attach to and pull up your semis out of ditches and medians and tow them away from accident scenes.

The company that you partner with for semi truck towing can also tow semis back to your fleet’s home base or to mechanics for repairs or services.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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