The Cosmetic Dentist in Fairfield County CT Wants to Help You Have a Dazzling White Smile

Having brilliantly white teeth makes a person feel much more attractive and confident. As individuals age, the teeth become increasingly porous, leading to darkened coloration. Thankfully, teeth whitening treatments are available from the Cosmetic Dentist Fairfield County CT. These treatments are more advanced than ever before, giving people better results that are lasting. Seeing the dentist for a consultation appointment will allow a person to learn which methods of whitening will be most beneficial for their types of stains.

There are a couple of different types of peroxide the dentist may use for a whitening treatment. Hydrogen peroxide is generally the strongest option for teeth whitening and is typically used for its bleaching action. This is the ideal treatment for severe staining but is not recommended for those with sensitive gums or teeth. The dentist can also offer the option of carbamide peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is less effective in removing severe stains but it does offer a gentler treatment option for those with sensitivity. Carbamide peroxide is best for those with mild staining who simply want to liven up their smile and make it brighter. The results for both treatments can last one to two years, depending on the oral care practices of the patient.

Generally speaking, one will spend about an hour when the dentist treats their teeth. Some treatments are put on in increments and some are put in place and timed for thirty to sixty minutes. Depending on the brand of whitener, the dentist may use a laser or special light to further enhance the results so the teeth can be made as white as possible.

In some cases, a patient will need more than one treatment or may be sent home with a treatment protocol to help them achieve their desired shade. The deepest of stains can be removed by the Cosmetic Dentist Fairfield County CT.

If you have teeth staining you would like to see the dentist about, contact Elke Cheung Dentistry. Ask them to schedule you a consultation appointment for teeth whitening treatments so you can learn which one will be best for your specific needs. Call today to get started.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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