The Different Types of Carpet Fibre

by | May 3, 2013 | Carpet And Floor

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There are a number of different types of carpet fibre and it is important to know what these are and to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with these fibres. This will help us make the best choice possible when it comes to selecting a new carpet. In tough financial times when money is an important aspect it is vital that we make the correct choice when choosing carpets for our homes or businesses or indeed for any other type of specialist flooring. It is advisable to seek advice from one of the many companies specialising in carpets or specialist flooring in Central London. By doing this we can ensure that the choice we make is the correct one. We first need to understand the different types of fibre that are available. The most popular types of fibre are nylon, olefin and polyester.

Nylon fibre

Nylon is the most common type of fibre used for making carpets. The main benefit of this type of fibre is its durability which means that it is perfect for use in places that have high traffic. This type of fibre will not be damaged as much as other types of fibres in relation to people walking on the carpet. Offices that have high staff numbers will benefit from having a nylon fibre carpet. It will withstand increased usage and will not need to be changed regularly. Other benefits of a nylon carpet is the ease in which it can be cleaned as it does not require special provisions during cleaning. It is very good at keeping its shape so is an excellent choice for use in rooms that have high quantities of furniture. If the furniture is moved the carpet will quickly recover its shape and not show any unsightly indentations.

Olefin fibre

Olefin fibre is another common type of carpet fibre. It is not as durable as nylon but still offers a good level of durability compared to other types of carpet fibre. It is a good choice for workplaces that need to maintain a high level of cleanliness and luxury as its properties enable it to be chemically cleaned. This means that the carpet will keep its luxurious feel and appearance much longer than a carpet that only benefits from a vacuum.

Polyester fibre

The main benefit of a polyester carpet is the wide variety of colours that they are available in. Because the properties of this fibre enable it to be dyed to many different colours and shades this carpet gives customers the most options when selecting a new carpet. It was once considered a cheap alternative to nylon but advances in manufacturing mean that this carpet is still of a high quality without being too expensive. Companies offering carpets and specialist flooring in Central London can advise you more thoroughly regarding the different fibres available.

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