The Evolution Of Body Jewelry

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Jewelery

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Piercing the body and adorning it with jewelry is not a new concept in cultures around the world. However, it is a new concepts for many in Western cultures, particularly in North America where only a very few cultures, both historic and in more recent times, where typically associated with the use of piercing and body jewelry.

Early History

Body piercing, which may also be known as body modification, is typically associated more with Eastern and African cultures. However, ancient Egyptian mummies show clear indication of ear piercing and nose piercing is believed to date back to before 1500 B.C.

Generally lip and mouth piercings, including piercings of the tongue and body jewelry worn in the lips and tongue, is often considered to be African in origin. Interestingly some South American and even North American native tribes also used this practice dating back thousands of years.

Body jewelry worn on the chest, specifically nipple piercing, was common in ancient Rome as were many other types of body piercings, probably due to the influx of people from different cultures in the slave trade that was a major part of the culture.

The practice of gauging or stretching is also one that is very ancient and has been practiced in many tribal groups and cultures from America to Africa. Done very slowly as to not tear the skin it allows the skin to stretch around body jewelry typically known as plugs.

More Recent History

While there are a range of different types of body jewelry for all types of body piercings sold in North America, the most popular jewelry is still for the ears, face, nipples and belly button. Other forms of body jewelry are available but are typically considered more specialized and less mainstream.

Today, body jewelry is a true expression of personality, style and even spirituality. The range of different option in jewelry for piercings anywhere on the body can include gold, titanium, silver, gold plate and even acrylic options.

Choosing the right material for body jewelry today as a lot to do with personal preferences as well as any reactions or issues that you in choices of metals or materials. With different colors, designs and options in actual jewelry styles it is possible to find just the right jewelry for your preference.

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