The Importance of Having Eyewear Fitted by a Certified Optician in NYC

After having their eyes examined by an optometrist, patients needing vision correction are given a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. While most eye clinics have frames and lenses for sale on site, many clients are opting to purchase their glasses online. Although this is convenient for many, vision correction ordered over the Internet is not fitted by a certified opticians in NYC. There are several reasons why a licensed optician should always be used when purchasing new corrective eye-wear.

An optician is the person who interacts with patients when they are choosing new frames. What many patients don’t realize, however, is how vital opticians are for the success of your new lenses. It is not uncommon for a patient to be more concerned about selecting the perfect pair of frames over the type of lenses they buy. The optician is there to make sure every patient receives the right lenses for their particular needs. This requires a lot of measurements. After picking out the most flattering frames, the optician will take measurements of the client’s eyes, including the pupillary distance. If the pupillary distance measurement is off by even a single millimeter, the patient will have trouble using their new glasses.

Once the basic measurements have been taken, the optician will help the patient choose the right type of lens. If the client needs vision correction for both nearsightedness and farsightedness, bifocals or progressive lenses may be suggested. These lenses, once again, need very specific measurements to avoid headaches. People who play sports may need more durable lenses, such as poly-carbonate ones. An optician may also recommend a lens coating, such as anti-glare or scratch-resistance, to enhance the performance of the glasses. After prescription glasses have been created, an optician will tweak the fit of the frames to make sure they are comfortable and functional for the patient.

While the convenience of ordering prescription glasses online is alluring for many people, it is impossible to get the same fit and accuracy as you would from a certified Optician in NYC. Only an optician can make sure your new frames are created to your eyes’ exact specifications. The next time you are on the market for corrective eyeglasses, be sure to have them fitted by a local optician.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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