The Importance of Hiring a Skillful Drug Possession Lawyer

A conviction of possessing or selling drugs can result in you being sentenced to long years in jail and fines that take years to pay off. You do not want to face such potential punishments if you are arrested on these charges. You want to do your best in court to show your innocence or explain why you do not merit the full punishment allowed under your state’s laws.

However, you may need help arguing your case in court. You can find that help by hiring an assertive drug possession lawyer in Austin to represent you.

Making the Case for Less Punishment

If the evidence points to your guilt, it still might merit you being convicted of a lower charge. In fact, your attorney may be able to argue down the charges by using your otherwise clean criminal and driving records to your advantage.

He or she can explain that you pose no danger to society and you had a temporary slip in judgment. Your lawyer’s explanation to the court might convince the judge or jury to sentence you to community service or probation. You might be eligible to apply for and receive a diversion for your charge.

You can also prove your innocence in court if the evidence supports it. You can find out more about hiring a drug possession lawyer in Austin to represent you online. Contact Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez for more details today.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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