The Many Advantages of a Weekly Sport Massage in Honolulu HI

A Sport massage in Honolulu HI tends to be thought of as a luxury experience instead of one that’s part of one’s health care regimen. However, research indicates many benefits of massage, including stress relief, relaxation and the loosening of tight, sore muscles.

Benefits for a Range of People

The range of people who could gain advantages from massage includes nearly everyone. A person who appreciates the serene relaxation experienced after a hard week at work, an individual who is recovering from an athletic injury and someone who is trying to manage significant stress in life all feel remarkably better after their massage sessions.

Stress Reduction

Many studies confirm that these sessions have distinct benefits for health. One benefit, related to stress reduction, is that massage is connected with a reduction in cortisol production. Chronic high levels of that stress hormone are connected with hypertension and weight gain.


As a psychological effect, weekly sessions allow clients to feel pampered and nurtured. It helps calm the mind. Many people liken massage to meditation. They can let their thoughts drift away and be totally mindful of the enjoyable moments they experience at the spa. This mindfulness, especially as an addition to a daily meditation practice, can help create more balance in the person’s life.

Additional Forms of Massage

At a center such as Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage, the practitioner determines which form of therapeutic touch would be most helpful for each client. A person who comes in on a regular basis may benefit most from a specific kind of Sport massage in Honolulu HI during one session, but other times may feel better after a Swedish or deep tissue massage. Sports massage is generally geared toward people engaging in vigorous athletic activity, but it can also be helpful for a person sitting behind a desk all week who does some light jogging a few times a week.

Length of Sessions

Massage sessions typically are offered in varying time increments. A person who does not feel there is enough time or money to justify an hour-long massage can still choose one of the shorter options. Studies confirm that even a 15-minute session is an effective stress buster. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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