The Most Common Injuries and Causes of Accidents at Work

by | May 30, 2016 | law

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To provide employees more incentive to practice correct safety steps inside the office, we’ve put together these common causes to offer an illustration of what the core causes of accidents within the office are.

Human beings are known for being lazy; therefore, taking shortcuts is a common practice in every walk of life, not necessarily at work alone. But, as employees take shortcuts in the workplace, particularly as they’re working around lethal chemicals or dangerous machinery, they’re just exposing themselves to possible catastrophes.

As employees walk into work each day with the attitude that, “It won’t ever happen to me”, they’re setting an attitude which leads to improper methods, procedures, and tools when working

Lack Of, or Poor Housekeeping
Housekeeping includes amongst the most accurate signs of an organization’s attitude toward worker safety, quality, and production.

Beginning a Task Prior to Getting All Necessary Data
The fastest method of getting a job accomplished is to do it properly the first time. To do it properly the first time, you must ensure that you have all pertinent data associated with the task you’ll be doing.

Neglecting Safety Procedures
Purposefully neglecting established safety procedures within the workplace does not only endanger yourself, yet it also endangers the employees around you, and as the business in its entirety.

Mental Distractions
As harsh as it may sound, employees can’t allow mental distractions from their personal lives to affect their performance in the workplace. Not just are they going to become less safe and less aware of their surroundings, but they also will become less productive, and cost the business money and time.

Lack of Preparation
As employees start a task without taking the time to think through the process ahead of time, or hastily begin without any kind of preparation, they’re setting up themselves for failure.

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