The Problem with Taking Snow Days to Avoid a Car Accident in Towson, MD

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Legal

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Some individuals are terrified of driving in snow, which can make life difficult when they must commute to work during snowy days in the winter. They could call in and take a personal day every time it snows in the effort to avoid a car accident in Towson, MD. Unfortunately, that would lead to annoyance on the part of co-workers as well as the boss, especially if everyone else has no trouble getting to the office.

In the unlikely event that a car accident does occur because of snow, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault in slippery road conditions. A person who was injured and believes another driver did something wrong may contact a firm such as the Law Offices of Stephen A. Markey III for a free consultation. For example, another driver in the collision may have been driving too fast on a road that was slippery, had deep snow or poor visibility. That hazardous behavior may have led to the accident, but unless law enforcement was able to verify this, the driver’s insurance company may decline to offer any financial compensation. Anyone dealing with this type of situation may visit the website for more information.

Even if someone is always afraid of getting into a car accident in Towson, MD, they should not that not every day someone gets into a snow-related collision. Most workers make the commute unless there’s a snowstorm that makes driving obviously problematic. They understand that driving during the winter is expected if they have a job outside the home that they can’t walk to or get to with public transportation. Maryland gets snow for several months a year, and employers can’t have workers who take personal days every time it snows. Those individuals will either need to learn how to manage commuting in unfavorable weather or find a different way to earn a living. It should be remembered that many vehicle collisions happen on sunny, dry days too, and many people need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to obtain compensation.

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