The Right Dram Shop Lawyers in Pittsburgh Can Help You Make the Most out of a Bad Situation

Alcohol shops, sometimes called dram shops, are legally barred from serving alcohol to minors or to people who are obviously intoxicated. If they do, they can be held legally responsible for what happens afterwards. So if you are hurt on the road by a drunk driver who is a minor or someone who was served alcohol while intoxicated, researching dram shop lawyers in Pittsburgh is a smart thing to do. Dram shop lawyers know the ins and outs of the laws and can help you determine if your case has enough merit to move forward.

A Free Consultation Always Helps

Consulting with an attorney if you’ve been in an accident with a drunk minor is the first thing you should do, and all dram shop lawyers consult with you for free. One of the main goals of this lawsuit is to make sure the restaurant or other establishment stop their illegal behavior, and firms such as the Law Offices of John W. Brown also offer the compassion and discretion you need when you’re considering this type of lawsuit.

Making Sure They Understand Their Behavior

Any facility that has a liquor license has a responsibility to operate within the law, and if they turn a blind eye to minors or people who are obviously intoxicated, it can mean the end of their business for them. Good dram shop lawyers work hard to make sure no one else is injured by a drunk minor. Because it was so easy for drinking establishments to obey the law and keep people safe, lawyers consider it inexcusable for them to do otherwise. The right attorney can help you through every aspect of this type of lawsuit, meaning your odds of a winning outcome are greatly increased.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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