The Role Of Estate Planning In Retirement

Retirement planning and estate planning are two different aspects of preparing for the future. While they are different, they are related, and for many people in Greenville, SC, they should be completed together to provide a complete picture.

Working with Matt Dixon provides the necessary information from a highly experienced financial advisor and Registered Financial Consultant. The result is a customized retirement plan that includes tax planning, a specialization for Matt Dixon.

By combining these two different elements of planning for the future, you are able to have the retirement funds you need and also have the peace of mind that your estate will be managed as per your wishes. This goes well beyond just having a Will. This type of planning can also be used to structure investments such as trusts that offer tax benefits to yourself and your beneficiaries.

Life Insurance Coverage

When most people hear the term estate planning, they automatically think of how assets are distributed after death. Specialized financial advisors like Matt Dixon recommend using other aspects of estate planning, such as life insurance, to add to the retirement plan. Life insurance is both an asset to your beneficiaries as well as a possible source of income for retirement.

Tax Planning

With the correct type of investing during your working years, it is possible for people in Greenville, SC, to reduce their current taxes and boost their retirement savings at the same time. This double benefit needs to be carefully structured to meet your current and future financial requirements. Still, it is a highly effective strategy to add to your portfolio.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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