Things to Consider Before Scheduling Privacy Fencing Construction With a Fence Contractor in Moreno Valley

Homeowners who want to have a privacy fence installed in an area where this is uncommon should carefully consider how they can do this without offending their neighbors. A Fence contractor in Moreno Valley can construct a wood or vinyl privacy fence at any specifications of the property owners as long as the instructions adhere to municipal, county and neighborhood zoning restrictions. Nevertheless, the tallest paneled fence allowed may not always be the best choice.


Before delivering instructions to a Fence contractor in Moreno Valley, the homeowners may want to read some online articles that indicate what not to do in the interest of maintaining harmony with neighbors. Numerous episodes have occurred throughout the country in which property owners managed to get their nearby residents riled up enough to take the matter to the city council in protest or to retaliate in some other way.

Fences and Good Neighbors?

Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall is often quoted out of context, a lesson to keep in mind. The poem includes one line in which a person claims that fences make good neighbors, but the poem in its entirety actually is about someone trying to convince a neighbor not to have a fence constructed.
People generally do not like to feel walled out, as though their mere existence is viewed as an intrusion. Many neighborhoods are characterized by chain-link fencing, and the residents feel a little offended when someone surrounds an entire yard with panels.

Friendlier Possibilities

A friendlier solution might be to have a contractor such as Mesa Fence Co. that isn’t quite so tall as the regulations allow. Another option would be to have the full privacy fence around most of the yard but to have one or more areas of elegant iron fencing that provides some visibility between yards. A privacy wall of sorts could be constructed along a road or sidewalk, with a chain-link or iron structure making up the rest of the fence. If a full privacy fence is a must-have, the smooth sides should face the neighbors and the street as a point of courtesy. Click Here for more information on this particular contractor.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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