Things to Know About Pre-Owned Car Warranties When Buying Kia Cars for Sale in NJ

One reason people buy certified pre-owned vehicles is because of the warranty they come with. These cars have warranties that cover a range of services and parts such as roadside assistance. This may be one way to save money on maintenance of the cars as well as get a guarantee that you are buying a quality vehicle. Here are things you may want to know about warranties for certified pre-owned Kia cars for sale in NJ:

The warranties may not cover everything

Warranties for CPO cars may not cover what has been covered in the warranties for new cars. They may be an extension of what was covered in the new car warranties. Sometimes, they may feature some short term coverage. Make sure you check the details of the warranties.

Dealer-certified car verses manufacturer-certified

You also want to know if it is a dealer-certified car warranty or a manufacturer-certified car warranty. With manufacturer-certified vehicles, they can be repaired at like-branded dealerships while the dealer-certified vehicles may only be repaired at the dealer you bought the car in order for the repairs to be covered by the warranty. Get to know what kind of certification is placed on the car – manufacturer or dealership.

Warranties have conditions

In order to get the benefits offered by the warranty, you should meet the conditions. Ensure you understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t do in order to enjoy the benefits that come with the warranty. For example, if you take the vehicle for repairs to another dealer when the warranty says that it should only be repaired by a specific dealer, then the warranty may be void.

Warranties can work to your favor if you follow the terms and conditions. But before you get the warranties, consider what they will cost you and if it is worth having them. Some used cars may not have warranties, especially the non-CPO cars. Let the dealer offering you Kia cars for sale in NJ explain to you what the warranties involve and the take away.

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