Three Effective Ways to Control Stink Bugs in Marlboro, NJ

Stink Bugs in Marlboro NJ often cause a lot more trouble than most would assume to be possible. Although only annoying as individuals, stink bugs that cluster and swarm can end up becoming much more than a mere nuisance. Fortunately, experts at pest control in the area have effective ways of putting an end to any such infestation.

Small, Distinctive Insects That Can Destroy Entire Gardens

Stink bugs are best known for emitting a disgusting, smelly liquid when they are frightened or attacked. While this substance should not normally be dangerous to human beings or pets, it represents only one problematic side of the pests.

Despite being fairly small and unassuming, stink bugs eat a great deal. In particular, they love to devour many of the same plants that homeowners prize in their gardens and elsewhere around their houses. Even a moderate problem with stink bugs can quickly lead to many lost plants and a great deal of visible damage.

Effective Ways of Controlling a Common Pest

Fortunately, there should almost never be a reason to accept such issues as inevitable. While stink bugs can be difficult for amateurs to deal with on their own, professionals have many useful tools at their disposal. Some of the approaches that are most often successfully used to control Stink Bugs in Marlboro NJ include:

• Traps.

• Small, unobtrusive traps that are baited with pheromones formulated to attract stink bugs can prove irresistible to these tiny creatures. Once inside, the beetle-like insects will collect and pass away harmlessly.

• Repellents.

• It will also often be possible to simply discourage stink bugs from taking up residence around a home or to entice them to move on elsewhere. There are a variety of repellents on the market today that target stink bugs quite precisely and without interfering with the activities of more desirable types of insects.

• Pesticides.

• In some cases, it can make the most sense to apply pesticides carefully and strategically. Doing so at the right time could eliminate an entire colony of stink bugs and prevent them from reproducing.

Click Here and it will be seen that experts at pest control have other ways of handling stink bugs when these approaches fail. As a result, there will never be any need to allow a stink bug problem to fester.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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