Three Signs You Need an AC Replacement in Clayton, OH

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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No one wants to spend unnecessary money on purchasing a new air conditioning system in these trying economic times, however, sometimes that is simply the best thing to do. While saving a few bucks here and there would be nice, there are instances in which making repairs vs. getting a replacement could cost you significantly. If you’ve been struggling with the decision process on whether or not you should call for repairs or hire a contractor for ac replacement in Clayton, OH, these three factors just might help you make the right choice.


How old is your air conditioner? Well if it is more than ten years old it might be best to go ahead and have the system replaced. Most HVAC companies have recommended a replacement after just seven years. The reason is because after a long period of time the life span will begin to shorten and repairs will come more frequently. For those with older model air conditioners, getting an ac replacement in Clayton, OH could also end up being more energy efficient saving you as much as 30% on your monthly energy bills.

Increased Need for Repairs

Another signal that you should probably go ahead and hire someone for an ac replacement in Clayton OH is if the repairs have become more constant. While some repairs on appliances are necessary if you find that you’re making a repair call more often than in years past, it might be best to go ahead and invest in a new one as this could be a sign that it’s on its last leg.

High Energy Bills

The final reason that it might be high time to purchase a replacement air conditioner is if your energy bills are higher than they used to be. When the prices begin to skyrocket without a logical explanation, this is generally a sign that there is a problem with your ac.
As you can see, though repairs might be beneficial in the first few years of having your ac, a replacement might be more cost effective in the long run. While it might be hard to dig into your budget for an ac replacement in Clayton, OH, you will find that in due time, your new unit saves you much more than your old one did.

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