Three Tips for Coaches Teaching Baseball Fielding Skills to Kids

Coaches teaching Youth Baseball Fielding Drills have many options. They can spend some time on outfield work, general catching and throwing skills, and team drills. With each catch, pass, and throw home, a coach can begin to pinpoint a player’s accuracy level as well as areas that need improvement.


Start the practice with a progressive warm-up session. Pair up two players, and have them stand several feet apart. Depending on the age of the kids, you might want them only a few feet at first. Older players can start five feet apart. Set a timer, and every five minutes, have them move apart five additional feet. In about 20 minutes, the older kids should be about 25 feet apart and ready to play.

Infield Outfield

This drill involves all of the players and a lot of balls. The goal is to allow the kids to experience various hits that will come their way. To involve everyone, coaches can hit to the outfield and instruct the outfielders to throw to an infielder like they were in a double-play situation. Knock them some fast, slow, and bouncing balls, and make sure all of the teammates get a chance to catch and throw.

Rotate Positions

Youth Baseball Fielding Drills should allow players to move around and sample all positions. Instruct the player that catches the ball to throw it like they are making a play. For example, when the right fielder gets one the ball can be tossed to first. Then, the two switch spots. For information on Youth Baseball Fielding Drills and other online resources, visit Dominate the Diamond at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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