Three Tips To Keep Your Pool The Highlight Of Your Home

by | Apr 9, 2014 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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One of the most refreshing ways to enjoy the warm, humid weather is as simple as taking a quick swim in one of the pool. This is certain to make any hot day more enjoyable for the entire family.

Many people avoid purchasing a pool due to the horror stories stated regarding what is required to keep the pool clean. It is always best to avoid naysayers and simply learn for yourself what is involved in pool maintenance.

Vacuum the Pool Weekly

The most effective way to keep pool work down to a minimum is as simple as staying on top of it. One way to complete this goal effectively is by vacuuming your pool on a weekly basis. This should be completed even if you don’t spot any immediate need to do so.

The consistent task of vacuuming out the pool weekly will work to keep debris from adding up, which will present major issues. Also, chemicals will be less needed to maintain the pool, when vacuuming is completed on a weekly basis.

Consider keeping the tile of the pool brushed down, as well, when doing the weekly vacuuming. This will minimize the build-up of algae and other components that will increase the difficulty of cleaning the pool.

Also, make it a habit of checking the filter every time you vacuum the pool and this will work in your favor as fast making the job of cleaning the Sky Blue Pools much less challenging.

Have the Pool Heater Professionally Serviced

One of the most important components of your Sky Blue Pools Suffolk County NY is the heater. This will work to maintain the ideal temperature at all times during the season. It is important to do this on a routine basis, because calcium can build up and cause issues for the heater to run effectively.

Check the Water Level

Your swimming pool is likely to get a great deal of usage and this will allow water levels to decrease frequently. It is important to check the water levels of the pool and add water when required.

Finally, by making a little effort you will be rewarded with much less challenging pool cleaning chores, so visit for more ideas.

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