Tips For Ordering Custom Valves From Valve Manufacturers

An OEM in the United States or outside of the country has several choices when it comes to selecting from valve manufacturers. As with all types of manufacturing services, it is essential to do your research on the company and to work with a manufacturer with a top reputation in providing quality valves at a fair market price.

To get started, in narrowing down the choices in valve manufacturers, the following factors should always be a priority for consideration.

Experience in the Industry

When ordering custom made valves for any type of application, but primarily where specific industry regulations and tolerances must be maintained, working with a manufacturer with experience in these types of valves is critical.

By choosing a manufacturer of industry-specific valves, the OEM is assured that the valves conform to those standards and are made to stand up to the specific types of applications. These manufacturers are aware of normal pressure, system, and environmental factors that have to be to be considered in the valve design.

Quality Control Systems in Place

The best valve manufacturers are actively working to continually improve their quality control systems. They are typically ISO 9001 certified, which means they are involved in this type of quality control and meet very exacting standards.

Quality control also significantly reduces the risk of any type of defective or poor manufacturing processes used in the production of the valves. With quality materials, designs, and processes, these companies provide a superior finished product.

Volume Requirements

Most custom valve companies are designed to work to specific minimum order requirements. There are a smaller number of manufacturers who offer the advantage of working with OEMs requiring lower volume orders, which is an excellent option for a startup or new companies in finding a manufacturer they use as they start out as well as expand into more markets and increased volume requirements.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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