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by | Apr 10, 2012 | Business

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Are you a medical professional who is dissatisfied with your working uniform? Do you feel the medical attire you have to use day in and day out is not functional and does not provide you with comfort and style? Health care professionals can now avail of a wide variety of uniforms and scrubs from a number of reputable brands that supply the utmost in style, comfort and functionality.

Health care professionals can purchase lab coats, nursing scrubs and other medical apparel like surgeon’s uniforms, caps, masks and gowns etc. from one stop online resources that offer more variety and customization. Modern medical attire addresses the basic needs of hygiene, identification and style. They are also easy to maintain, discard and disinfect. The fabrics are washable and stain resistant. Medical scrubs are important for patients, visitors and outsiders to identify the designation of the medical professional. However in some instances scrubs can be a little confusing as nurses can be mistaken for surgeons, radio technicians or janitors and vice versa. Color coding can help to dispel the confusion in most cases.

White has always been the traditionally preferred color in hospitals and medical wards. The use of white as a uniform for medical professionals hails back to times when the old, infirm and sick were treated and nursed to health by Christian nuns. Nuns usually wore a white habit and early nursing professionals were also required to wear white. The traditional uniforms for nursing staff in 19th century and for much of the 20th century consisted of a white dress, apron and cap. Early surgeons wore whatever they chose, they later turned to white scrubs and modern surgeons prefer green scrubs.

Uniforms used by nurses during World War I were ankle length, white and had long sleeves. The nursing sisters also had to wear an additional heavy cape that reached mid thigh length. These uniforms were highly impractical to wear and allowed limited mobility. These traditional uniforms, that offered limited functionality and impaired mobility, were much later replaced by garments which were more user-friendly but still maintained a level of professionalism at the work place.

Nurses in most medical facilities have switched from wearing traditional white uniforms to more colorful attire. Floral prints, animal prints, Disney characters and a range of other prints and designs are now worn by health professionals. Modern day manufacturers of scrubs take fashion, comfort and functionality into consideration when designing uniforms. Online stores offer a wide range of accessories, footwear and other basic essentials that most medical professionals require at the workplace.


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