Tips to Hiring a Federal Attorney in Hillsboro, OR

Federal crimes are serious criminal offenses subject to be severely prosecuted and with the full weight of the law. This is with the help of aggressive federal prosecutors, highly trained and experienced. Unlike state crimes, federal crimes are investigated by government agencies like the FBI or DEA. These are powerful government agencies that have the ability to perform long and meticulous research that obtain evidence, testimony and information to the detriment of the defense. By hiring the services of an experienced federal attorney in Hillsboro, OR, this will ensure your interests and rights are protected, dramatically increasing your chances of obtaining a favorable verdict.

You should also remember that when federal agencies suspect that someone is committing a federal crime, the suspect often does not know they are being investigated. This is because the government builds up a huge case before going after the defendant. Therefore, it’s extremely important to contact an attorney with experience in defending clients who have been arrested and accused of committing federal crimes. A federal crime is any criminal act that violates a federal law of the United States, or that law that occurs on federal property.

Any person who has been arrested or accused of committing a federal crime should soon hire a federal attorney in Hillsboro, OR. Some of the things your lawyer should be able to defend you from consist of:

1. Drug smuggling
2. Money laundering
3. Terrorism
4. Drug trafficking
5. Bank robbery
6. Mail fraud
7. Kidnapping; and many more

Federal crimes differ from state crimes, and the courts try criminal proceedings differently. For example, the sentencing rules are different concerning federal crimes. There are different rules for the presentation of evidence, different laws and statutes, and different jury rules are designated. Since these procedures are so different from state court, it is to your advantage to work with an attorney who has extensive knowledge and experience in handling federal criminal cases. If you decide to do otherwise, you could face severe legal penalties, including long sentences in jail or prison, heavy fines, probation and more.

Federal crimes require aggressive and effective defensive tactics. Without the help of a skilled federal criminal attorney, you have little chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. Therefore, it’s important to immediately contact The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz LLC. They understand what it takes to successfully defend clients charged with federal crimes.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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