Toy Haulers: The Most Versatile RV You Can Have in Des Moines IA

A toy hauler has to be the most versatile type of RV you can own. A toy hauler combines generous living space with a versatile garage in the back. That means you can use the garage for any purpose your lifestyle demands while still living comfortably on the road.

Take Your Toys and Spend the Weekend

Toy haulers are the brainchild of avid off-roaders. For one thing, toy haulers in Des Moines, IA, are necessary, since there aren’t many local OHV trails. You may have to spend the weekend at someplace like the Lakeview OHV Park near Solon to really ride. That’s a 2-hour drive each way. A toy hauler will allow you to simply live there comfortably all weekend, while you spend all day riding the trails.

Toy Haulers are Great for Flea Markets

If you are a seller, a toy hauler can come in very handy if travel around selling at flea markets, gun shows, or antique sales. You can pack the garage with your wares, and still have a comfortable place to live. Likewise, if you like to buy large items, like antique furniture, a toy hauler will provide an easy way to haul your treasures home.

You’re a Fulltimer Who Wants a Patio

One of the coolest options for a toy hauler is you can set up the loading dock as a patio. You’ll need a few accessories, but a dealer such as Imperial RV Center can set you up with everything you need.

If you’re interested in toy haulers in Des Moines, IA, visit Imperial RV Center.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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