Transmission Issues that Require Auto Repairs in Mandan ND

A vehicle’s transmission contains hundreds of moving parts, and because of that, they’re vulnerable to a variety of issues that should be addressed right away. In this article is a list of some of the most common transmission repair jobs, as well as some consumer information on auto repairs in Mandan ND.

Transmission Fluid Services

Fluid-related issues are commonly experienced by transmission repair specialists. Dirty fluid and low levels can easily and quickly cause severe internal damage, and low fluid levels are typically caused by leaks. If the driver sees a puddle of fluid under the vehicle, it likely has a leak.

Transmission fluid can last 100,000 miles or more, but high heat can make it wear out faster. Because heat accelerates wear, many shops recommend that fluid be changed every 30,000 miles. Drivers can inspect their fluid at home; if it’s black in color, it should be changed promptly.

Solenoid Failure

The transmission’s solenoid regulates the speed and amount of fluid flow through the entire system. If this part is damaged, a low fluid level can cause further problems. If a car has transmission issues and there’s no leak, the solenoid should be checked first.

Torque Converter Issues

A torque converter is an auto transmission component that helps the car switch gears. These parts can experience many problems, with worn needle bearings being the most common. Look for signs such as transmission noises when the car isn’t in neutral. A clutch, housed inside a torque converter, can become jammed and cause severe issues. Jammed clutches are typically easy to spot, as engine overheating and shaking are primary symptoms.

Other Transmission Repairs

Problems within a car’s electrical system can bring about the need for transmission repairs. In such a situation, an electronic diagnostic test may be required. Shift linkages can become worn over time, and if gears don’t shift as they should, it’s a sure sign that the shift linkage may need replacement.

It’s been said that a car’s transmission contains over 800 moving parts, and any one of those parts can cause significant problems if it fails. By getting regular service at Northland Performance, Inc, drivers can save money on Auto Repairs in Mandan ND.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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