True Facts about Teeth Whitening In Highland Park

White teeth and an even smile are assets to both men and women and an outward symbol of general good health and oral hygiene. On a regular visit to the dentist, you would get teeth cleaning as part of the routine checkup. If your dentist or hygienist observes your teeth to be discolored, teeth whitening might be recommended. Teeth get discolored from many sources. Smokers get nicotine stains. Many of us drink tea and coffee that also leave tannin stains that build up over time. Even fruit juices can stain. Dental plaque and some medications also leave stains that are difficult to remove. In these cases it is best to get professional cleaning and whitening done.

Those who are getting married or have a big occasion coming up usually want to look their very best on the big day. Having a set of pearly whites goes a long way in making a good impression. Zoom teeth whitening and other techniques use lasers for whitening. Described by many as an extreme make over for teeth, you can experience a lightening of up to eight shades in an hour’s sitting! The methods using lasers are very effective in most cases and take very little time. However some patients with sensitive teeth do experience some tingling or mild pain. Before going in for a treatment, you should consult your dentist and find out the pros and cons of the procedure. A majority of patients are very satisfied by the results and long lasting effects of Zoom teeth whitening in Highland Park.

Some of the common compounds and agents that cause discoloration are tetracycline, a compound found in many antibiotic medications, chromogenic bacteria that are found in human saliva, fetal erythroblastosis and dentinogenesis imperfecta. Presence of excessive fluoride in the developmental stages of teeth can cause fluorosis, another major reason for staining and discoloration. When the tooth is stained internally from tetracycline, then whitening does not help. Veneers may help in masking such discoloration.

Whatever the reason may be for the discoloration and staining, for those who want to look better and feel more confident, the solution is teeth whitening. Some affordable and easy to use teeth whitening kits are available that can be recommended by your dentist. For those patients who prefer to bleach their teeth at home, there are several convenient and affordable kits that are effective. Bleaching strips, bleaching pens and gels are available for restoring the tooth color and enhancing whiteness during teeth whitening. Highland Park residents can find dental professionals in the area to help you get a brilliant smile. For more details visit North Suburban Dental of Highland Park.

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