Trust an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt To Be Your Voice

We try to make our world a safer place for ourselves and our children, but the fact of the matter is that there are things beyond our control and accidents will continue to happen. The trigger for those accidents are numerous; a dog that has broken its leash, an improperly-maintained section of road, a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or something as mundane as a wet floor with no warning sign can all transform you from an individual into a victim, through no fault of your own. Should you find yourself one of these victims, it can be unnerving and downright frightening. You may not know how serious your injuries are, how long you’ll need to miss work, if you’ll be able to return to work, or how you’ll pay off a stack of medical bills.

During this period of insecurity is often when an insurance company will try to offer you a quick settlement. As tempting as that check may be at a time of such extreme uncertainty, do not take it. Your first step should be to contact an experienced, accident attorney in Greenbelt who can guide you and protect your rights, while making certain that you receive the adequate compensation you are entitled to. Many times individuals are reluctant to seek the services of an attorney in these cases because of the expense that may be involved, but nothing could be further from the truth; your attorney will meet with you for a free initial consultation, and if it appears that you have a legitimate case, there will be no fee unless they win or settle your case.

Your Accident Attorney in Greenbelt will use all of the resources at his disposal in order to secure a positive outcome for you, including paralegals, expert witnesses, trained investigators, nurses, and case managers. As the leader of this team of professionals, your attorney will work diligently to build your case, while also negotiating with the opposing parties. This may, at first, seem counter-intuitive, but by building a strong case on your behalf there is more incentive for the insurance company and its representatives to negotiate in good faith. Negotiating from this position of strength will give you the advantage you need.

Jaklitsch Law Group will work tirelessly to achieve a result that is favorable for you, with fair and adequate compensation.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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